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Emily has been photographing all things outdoors for over 25 years.  

Her work has hung on the walls of Starbucks and various Nashville galleries. Never without her camera, she seeks out unique patterns, colors, textures and the beauty in nature wherever she goes. In recent years, she began capturing the magical moments of children at play and families in their finest moments.  Emily does graphic design as well


She doesn't believe in committing to any one genre; only to creating fine art photography that is artistic and thought provoking.   Emily often transforms her photography into paintings such as her "tomato art" featured in Nashville's beloved Tomato Festival 9 years in a row. 


Passionate about animals and the environment, she is a proud supporter of the World Wildlife Foundation, the Nature Conservancy and Friends of Warner Parks. 


When not behind the lens, she enjoys her work as a Real Estate Agent.
















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